Engrave Wealth Partners Welcomes Bill Day


The Woodlands, TX – October 6, 2017 – Engrave Wealth Partners is pleased to welcome Bill Day as a Senior Family Wealth Advisor. Mr. Day has been a trusted advisor to his clients for over 30 years at two different wirehouse firms. “I am truly excited about the expanded services, investment platform, and research my clients will have available. It has always been my goal to do what’s right for my clients and I believe this is the best possible step I could have taken on their behalf,” commented Mr. Day.

Mr. Day also believes that Engrave is the right fit for his clients due to a unique focus on multi-generational family legacy planning at the firm. Two of the firm’s existing advisors, Greg Parker and Taylor Parker, are themselves a father-son team who firmly believe in the importance of helping clients visualize and build a family heritage. Greg Parker, Managing Partner, expanded on why Mr. Day was a logical fit within the firm, “At Engrave, we are intently focused on preserving values for our clients. This goes beyond investment account values and should encompass all of a family’s closely-held virtues and ideals. We want to help clients connect their virtues with their finances while being able to then pass those virtues on to the next generation effectively. I believe that Bill has done a remarkable job of serving his clients with a multi-generational mindset and we are thrilled at the value he will bring to our team.”

As a SEC registered investment advisor, Engrave is also able to provide clients with a renowned investment platform through Charles Schwab, Inc. which acts as custodian for the firm and actually holds clients’ funds and securities. In addition to competitive pricing power and better fee transparency as an independent firm, Engrave has access to a broad suite of investment and economic research. This allows Engrave’s Investment Committee, of which Mr. Day is a member, to make informed allocation decisions they believe to be best-suited to the needs of their own clients. Clients will also have access to some of the most advanced technology platforms available, including online and mobile account access, household account and mortgage aggregation, as well as an online family vault, in addition to other platforms while incorporating detailed attention to cyber security and privacy. “It was important to me that my clients have all the features they needed with a top-notch security program as well given the recent experiences of many,” said Mr. Day.

In conclusion, Mr. Day also emphasized how important it was to him to have a multi-generational team behind him to best serve and support his clients over the coming decades. “Many of my clients have asked what would take place in case something unexpected happened to me. Now, even though I have absolutely no plans to retire now or in the future, my clients will have access to an experienced and dedicated team of professionals that will act only in their best interest.”

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please go to https://engravewealth.com/contact/. For other inquiries, please contact us at info@engravewealth.com.