Taylor Parker

Family Wealth Advisor

Clients of Engrave appreciate Taylor’s passion in striving to help individuals and families discover their unique virtues and then connect that discovery to every area of life, including their financial life. As a Family Wealth Advisor at Engrave Wealth, Taylor’s expertise on the team is to help build exit strategies for oil & gas professionals and their families to answer the questions surrounding how to recreate their income in the most tax-advantaged manner when looking at retirement. The end goal is to lead families through the process of crafting a living family heritage to help enable both a life well lived and a more positive generational impact.

Taylor is blessed with a wonderful wife, Kimberly, and they currently have two young daughters. Their family lives on 40-acres in the Piney Woods of Texas while seeking to cultivate deeper friendships in their community.

Taylor graduated at age 18 with a BSBA in Entrepreneurship and immediately began his career in the independent wealth management profession. Taylor is also a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) professional as well as holding a Master of Arts in Law & Financial Planning.