Announcing Engrave Wealth Partners

In ancient times, prominent families and nobility used engraving as a means of preserving their family virtues and values. Important details of family history or significant events were recorded for the benefit of future generations, especially generations they may never know. These families desired that future heirs would know what was most important to them and the events that shaped their beliefs.

It is reported today that 70% of inherited financial wealth is depleted by the first generation; 90% will be depleted by the second generation.(1) Many families today fear that their future generations will not be responsible with inherited financial wealth.(2) Engrave Wealth Partners believes that wealth is not simply a numeric concept of financial assets. Rather, wealth represents a lifestyle reflecting closely-held family virtues and beliefs. Thus, we will offer guidance and solutions to families who desire to define their core virtues and align their virtues and investments. We will also develop a strategy that shares those core virtues in training future generations to responsibly steward their family resources. Engrave Wealth Partners believes in Preserving Values!

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